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How many days does the shipping take?

We can ship to virtually any address in the world except Syria, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine as most of shipping companies does not ship to these countries. All of our shipping options include tracking and ship within 3 to 5 Business Days except for International and Kuwait national Holidays. The Shipping Fees depending on your location and will be calculation at checkout.


KUWAIT Deliveries:
All KUWAIT deliveries take 24 HOURS Business Days 

GCC Shipping:
We offer delivery to all GCC countries: Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain
DHL Priority 1-3 Business Days (Oman and Saudi Arabia)  (includes tracking)
DHL Priority 1-3 Business Days (UAE,Bahrain and Qatar)  (includes tracking)

Lebanon and Jordan Shipping:
DHL Shipping Priority 3-4 Business Days (includes tracking)

USA Shipping:
DHL Priority 3-5 Business Days (includes tracking)

UK Shipping:
DHL 2-4 Business Days  (includes tracking)

Europe Shipping:
DHL Priority 3-5 Business Days (includes tracking)


The other Countries:

DHL 3-5 Business Days (includes tracking) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please track your packages. Beauty Fashion Q8 is not responsible for lost or stolen shipments. The package or a notice of attempted delivery may/will be left at your front door by the delivery courier if no one is home to receive it. We have no control over what happens to your package once the delivery courier delivers it. We do not replace or refund orders that are scanned "delivered" by DHL.
If your order is returned to us due to an incorrect or insufficient address, you are responsible for the original shipping cost. This amount will be deducted from your order.
Note: If there is a problem with your package delivery or tracking number, please contact DHL branches in your country directly using your Tracking number.

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